Valentine is tomorrow, and I bet many love birds out there are taking a day off their daily routine to celebrate love with their loved ones.

The problem however is that most valentine related items, be it roses, hotel reservations, teddy bears and so much more, go at exorbitant prices this Valentine that many of us have to fork out so much just to show we love someone on Valentine’s day.

Failing to do something special on Valentine’s Day would be deemed as not making effort to make your loved one special enough, but the reality is, not many of us can afford the exorbitant prices.

This is where we love Kit Kat even more!

The crunchy chocolate which is popular with the phrase ‘take a break, have a Kit Kat’ has introduced a Valentine special called ‘Kit Kat Rubies’, and it comes with a special lovely package at an affordable price!
Kit Kat Rubies 2
It may seem like an ordinary Kit Kat on the outside, but upon breaking it, you have a loved shaped chocolate filling inside which is surely going to bring smiles to your loved one. Check out the video below to know more, or get an idea of the new Kit Kat Rubies.

That said, love shouldn’t be about how expensive your gift is, but rather more about how special it is, hence, just have a break, and have a Kit Kat, and your Valentine is saved!

This post is sponsored by Kit Kat, but all thoughts are my own.