If you have not heard, than we are telling you the title above is very much true. At least for now.

According to SoyaCincau, Xiaomi’s flagship phone, the Mi4 would not be coming to Malaysia because of technical issues regarding to its hardware.

In fact, the news was made official by VP of Xiaomi Global, Hugo Barra himself because it is claimed that Malaysia has limited FDD-LTE support.

Based on the information obtained, the Mi4 currently only supports LTE band 1 (2100MHz) and band 3 (1800MHz) which is not well supported in Malaysia.

It is understood that Malaysian telcos widely support LTE band 7 (2600MHz) with some areas covered by LTE Band 3, hence making the Mi4 practically almost LTE-less when used in the country.

If you however spot the Mi4 sold in the country, it’s not the Malaysian version and therefore won’t be covered by the Malaysian Xiaomi warranty.

With that in mind, perhaps you should stay away from these sets, or wait for Xiaomi to come up with an improved Mi4 which supports LTE Band 7 for Malaysia.


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