Sony is facing troubled days as they are reported to re-look and prioritize their businesses. Last year, they offloaded their Viao laptop segment to Japan Industrial Partners, and it looks like more components of the once dominant tech brand may be sold saperately.

Riding high on the ‘sell list’ says TechRadar, are its smartphone and TV division, which have not been performing as expected.

But fans of the Xperia shouldn’t get anxious just yet because the nothing has been set in stone just yet. Nonetheless, it also does not mean that it will not happen considering that Sony is struggling to match new up-coming giants like Xiaomi, Samsung and Motorola, which is now owned by Lenovo.

The next few months for Sony will therefore be keenly watched by us as Sony, a huge and popular brand, has indeed produced one of the best smartphones with the Xperia Z3 although their pricing is considered way too premium if compared to their closest rivals.