A documentary by the Sonar Tribal Project was uploaded recently featuring the amazing sounds of traditional fused music from Malaysia, particularly Sarawak.

The video was narrated in local language Bahasa Melayu Sarawak and it also reveals much more about Sonar Tribal and what they have done to uplift the fast diminishing traditional music, with hopes they can do something before it is totally gone.

It also showcases their community project in Kampung Sebayor, Kota Semarahan which has unearth two new talents whom which they think can be further groomed as traditonal musicians.

To check out the beautiful documentary, please click play on the vide0 below.

Sonar Tribal is a project by Adruce Izzul Fahmi (Sarawak), Muhd Hafizi (Selangor) and Muhd Sufyan (Negeri Sembilan), in which they represent Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and Sarawak as a whole in the DiGi Challenge for Change Competition.

The video was produced by local video specialist OrgKampong.com.