Smartphone Updates – Are they Worth the Hassle?


While some people love to have the newest technology on their phone, others find software updates just a little bit tedious. If your phone is working just fine and you like the design, is there any reason you should bother updating the operating system? Why not just stick to the old version?

This year there are some major operating system upgrades rolling out: BlackBerry’s newest software update, and the official release of iOS 7 in late summer 2013. Here’s why you should always make sure your smartphone technology is up-to-date.

An improved interface
Updates bring a new, fresher look and features to your smartphone. Apple is ready for a change in design: the beta version of iOS 7 revealed a change in appearance with not only a new color scheme and icons in place, but also features like multitasking, different camera modes, and hidden extras like an App store wish list.

And BlackBerry 10 looks nothing like the operating system’s earlier versions. The new home screen is a grid of mini applications that give you an overview of your current actions .The swipe-based interface makes using your BlackBerry smartphone easier and smoother to glide between applications – a new navigation feature helps you to multitask and give you faster access to the phone’s functions.

Access to more applications
If you want to continue using your regular applications, you will have to remember to update your phone’s operating system. As many applications improve they start to become incompatible with older software – something that could leave you lagging well behind. And updating your operating system means access to new applications, too. This is particularly the case with BlackBerry 10 as new BlackBerry apps are being released daily, and old classics like Skype are now available on the new OS.

Faster, stronger, safer
The more people get used to the ins and outs of an operating system, the more bugs and glitches are exposed. This is particularly the case when it comes to privacy issues. If you want to be sure your smartphone is as safe and healthy as it can be from a software point of view, always make sure your software is always up-to-date. If your phone software is compromised your phone may become unusable, leaving you seriously out of pocket. While updating an OS might take some time, it’s a shortcut to a faster and improved version of your smartphone – well worth doing, and usually free!