Skeletel remains found at Gita, Matang


A man looking for wood got more than he planned for when he stumbled upon skeletal remains of a human in a forest near Jalan Cenderawasih Gita, Kuching.

The 36-year-old said it was around 9am on Sunday when he found the remains and immediately contacted the authorities.

The forensic team arrived at the scene around noon and with them was a 31-year-old woman whose husband Mohamad Irwan Syah Abdul Bahar, 27, had been missing since Aug 9.

She believed that the deceased was her husband based on the green T-shirt, brown trousers and black belt as well as the set of teeth on the remains.

According to her, Irwan left on the second day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri after both of them had a quarrel. She waited until Aug 14 but her husband did not return home. It was then that she decided to lodge a po-lice report in Gita. She also said her husband did not have a stable job.

The skeletal remains were brought to Sarawak General Hospi-tal mortuary in a police truck.

-Source and Image: The Star