A shocking Facebook posting just hours ago revealed that non-Muslim students of a primary school in Selangor, reported to be from Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Pristana were asked to have their food in the toilet during fasting month.

Although unverified, photos showing the students having food in what seems to be a toilet have enraged many netizens including Muslims which have condemned such act. Some even deliberately made posting up the issue on Prime Minister Najib Razak’s facebook for his immediate action.

The latest row will most certainly add to the worsening relations among Muslims and non-Muslims, altough as for now, no confirmation has been obtained from authorities.

>Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin tweeted: “Saya telah mengarahkan KPPM utk siasat isu pelajar bukan Islam yg disuruh makan di dalam tandas. Tindakan tegas akan diambil jika ada asas” (I have instructed the education ministry to do an investigation. Action will be taken if there is truth.)

>Khairy Jamaluddin also tweeted he has spoken with Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan about the issue and steps have been taken to address it. He further tweeted that the school has been instructed to close the ‘toilet canteen’ while continuing to tweet even if it’s a changing room, such place is not suitable to become an eating place.

A twitter user named Aina Khalida claimed that the said room is not a toilet, but a changing room in which her sister who are Muslim have also used it for recess before Ramadhan as the canteen cannot accommodate students.

A few blogs found defending SK Sri Pristina detected. Selangor Education Department denies room was a toilet, and said room was clean as the canteen was renovated.