You meet a person, you feel attraction but you don’t know whether he or she will turn out to be that special someone. Well, the euphoria of first dates makes you think you’ve finally found your love but you need some time to get to know this person and understand whether it’s something more serious than your previous relationships. If you want to make sure that your boyfriend or girlfriend is worth tying the knot with, here are some signs that indicate this is real love. We have gathered this information thanks to our friends from the gifts for russian girl.

Mrs. Right
There are some universal features that every man wants his woman to have. If the following things are all about your date, she can be the one.

She offers to split the bill.
Over the last few decades, dating etiquette has undergone numerous changes. Today, most women will offer to split the bill on a first date. Some women do it to show their independence (and men do like it), while some of them test men in such a way. He’ll reject her move (if he’s a real gentleman) but at the same time, he’ll appreciate it. Women who offer to pay equally for a dinner are immediately viewed as reliable partners.

She can keep her head in a difficult situation.
It’s very important for a man to see that his woman can keep calm in the most unpredictable and critical situations, show flexible thinking, and avoid making scenes. The woman who can control her emotions seems more attractive to men.

She can listen carefully.
Usually, women blame men for being bad listeners, so they look for the partner who can be attentive. However, men also want to be heard. If a woman is focused on her personality and talks only about herself without showing much interest in her interlocutor, she repulses a man. Men like when women demonstrate their interest in them, take the initiative in a conversation, and listen to their interlocutors attentively.

She makes you a better person.
A woman has the power to change a man in different ways. If she inspires you to become a better version of yourself, supports and even challenges you at times, she’s the one.

Mr. Right
Women (as well as men) have a set of requirements for their life partner and when they meet that special someone, they feel it on a subconscious level. Although they’re ruled by their emotions, they can “X-ray” a man and decide whether he is a perfect match. Here are their criteria.

He can lead long meaningful conversations.
Women value good communication skills, so if a man has a large arsenal of topics, doesn’t get distracted by his phone and doesn’t interrupt his woman’s speech, he will melt her heart.
He is considerate. Expensive gifts are not what women really want from men. They need to feel their care and attention. Every woman likes when her man brings her a cup of tea on a rainy day or shares his jacket when it gets colder.

He has a passion or purpose in life.
It’s extremely important for a woman to see that her man has a great potential. If a man is mature, integral, knows what he wants (even if he can’t boast outstanding accomplishments so far), a woman is attracted to him. If he has a hobby, a woman views him as an interesting person and the person with whom you’re going to spend the rest of your life should be interesting.

The way you feel being with your partner can tell much about his or her appropriateness. If you’re meant to be, you feel absolutely comfortable in each other’s company. You don’t need to pretend because you’re accepted for who you are. At the same time, you feel an inner incentive to develop and improve yourself. You know that your partner will always be there when you need support. Finally, it feels like you’ve known each other for years and would be happy to spend even more years together.


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