Several areas in Patra Jaya, Kuching would experience TM service disruptions on 4th April 2015. The areas involved would have their phone number listed below.  The disruption would last from 12AM to 2AM.
TM distruption
The disruptions would be due to upgrading works in the area. According to a statement by TM, the upgrade would involve the introduction of an Internet Protocol-based Next Generation Network (NGN) platform which will improve ongoing improvements to TM’s performance and service quality, including providing better internet speeds and new services. We believe that UNIFI is the said service based on the description in the statement.

Nonetheless, as a result of the upgrading process, TM services, including the TM Homeline, TM Businessline, Streamyx, DDI and ISDN BRI would experience minor service interruptions.

Normal service connection would be possible after the stipulated time.

Source: TM Sarawak