Who say blogging is only for the young people??

Well, Aisha or fondly known as Puan Isah who reside at the ‘OilTown’ aka Miri (2nd major city in Sarawak after Kuching) proves me wrong as age is not an issue at all. She worked with an oil and gas company for 22 years and now she’s a full time homemaker, a loving mother to four grown up children and a caring grandmother to Alif (her only grandson for now). She’s an animal lover too and apart from busy taking care of the family, she’s also a ‘mother’ to 5 lovely cats. :)

One of her passion is to write and not only she find the blogsphere as a learning platform about other people’s life adventure but it is also a joy for her to make/meet new friend of which fascinated her the most. As a full time homemaker, she love to cook and shared her mouth watery ‘secret’ recipes with her readers apart from her rantings/thoughts on current issues or her outings/daily routines with the family.

So to those who likes to cook, learn how to cook or simply getting to know her more, you’ll never regret dropping by at Puan Isah’s blog. She’s spreading her ‘love’ at ‘BlindPerfect’ and do visit her at www.blindperfect.blogspot.com.