Looks like the wait for the Surface Pro 3 is getting close to over.

Malaysia’s leading home appliances retailer SenHeng is taking pre-orders for the long awaited Surface Pro 3 with all versions made available for purchase.

Earlier this week, it was revealed by several online sites that the Surface Pro 3 will be priced from RM2729, hence making such an announcement by us at SarawakBloggersNet not really something ground-breaking anymore.

According to Amanz, five models of the Surface Pro 3 will be offered to customers namely the Core i3 64GB, Core i5 128GB, Core i5 256GB, Core i7 256GB and Core i7 512GB. The most expensive model would be priced at a ground breaking RM6779, and so there goes my intention to get the highest end model.

But of course there is hope for those of you with credit cards because SenHeng is allowing payment by installment up to 36 months with AEON Credit.

The Surface Pro 3 is slated to be the tablet which will replace your laptop. It is highly rated by many tech reviewers, and comes with a 12.2 inch screen.

Source: Amanz


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