As if not as important as Kate Middleton’s newborn child, the Independence Day celebration of Sarawak, failed to make any headlines, or even an impression in any local and national online dailies scanned by us at 1751 hours today, which include the likes of The Star, New Strait Times, Berita Harian and Astro Awani.

Even local daily The Borneo Post which normally does upload at least snippets of important events happening, have failed to update their portal in regards to the celebration, although the site did feature news on the pre-events held a day before the celebrations.

Independent news portals such as The Malaysian Insider which are always the first to produce news were also found ignoring the news of Sarawak’s 50th independence day celebration, although Malaysia Kini was detected to highlight news related to the celebration via an article about the Dayaks.

On Facebook, netizens from Sarawak were eager to share their experience of the event with blogger Desmond Jerukan posting photos about the event which was well received by many. Another blogger Jian Goh was equally excited about the event as he also posted up a parody comic in regards to the lack of knowledge many have on Sarawak’s real day of celebration (image below).

The image has been shared not less than 28 times over Facebook.

A comic strip which reveals the sad truth by Jian Goh.
A comic strip which reveals the sad truth by Jian Goh.

Nonetheless, huge credit must be given to the Sarawak Tourism Board which was fast enough to put up not less than five photos of the event on their 28,000 strong Facebook page.

The almost absent coverage on such a significant historical event does sadden most Sarawakians, and it is hoped that those concerned would give such an important event , which is akin to the 31st of August, more significance, or at least coverage.