News portal, Sarawak Crocs which is highly linked to the Sarawak Bloggers has kicked off what they call as the ‘#BolaTanpaMercun’ campaign.

The campaign is said to mimic the “Let’s kick racism out of football’ campaign done worldwide, in which this campaign is aimed to create zero firecrakers explosions during football matches in Malaysia, particularly Sarawak.

Barely 24-hours after it was launched, the campaign has already went viral on Facebook and Twitter with support coming from all over Sarawak.

According to our friends at Sarawak Crocs, their first aim for this campaign is to create a negative atmosphere for those playing firecrackers (mercun in Malay).

This will be done by booing every firecracker which explodes during games, or ignoring entirely the such explosion.
BolaTanpaMercun flat
As this goes on for this season, awareness campaigns would be done so that people are keen to make civil arrest over those playing firecrackers in the stadium.

To date, the campaign has gained support from numerous Sarawak based supporting groups and personalities including Sarawak FA Fans, UltraCrocs, ERA Sarawak, and many more.

Those keen to support this campaign are requested to display the #BolaTanpaMercun logo (seen above), and spread news about why firecrackers should not be played in stadiums.

Sarawak Crocs also said that this campaign is not connected to flares.