Pride was indeed alive among many Sarawakians as well as Malaysians whan news that Malaysia’s diving ace Pandelela Rinong has made the semi-finals of the Women’s 10m Platform by coming in second to China’s Roulin Chen. Chen scored a massive 392.35, with Pandelela scoring 43.35 points lower as she scored 349.00 points.

Her triumph of coming in second has not gone unnoticed with twitter users showing full support of the 19year old from Bau, Sarawak.

A few tweets we managed to catch come from @joekaosjr whom said “Malaysia’s Pandelela qualifies for the semifinals of the 10m platform! She finished no. 2 ONLY behind China. We CAN still win a medal!” and @adibahnoor tweeting “Semi-finals at 10am london time. Around 5pm malaysian time. Let’s send great vibes to our golden girl pandelela! #TeamPandelela“.

On Facebook, a few Sarawakian were indeed happy with the result as one quoted as saying “Now its Pandelela Rinong’s turn to grab the GOLD medal…God is be with Pandelela, anyone be against her is against God…if anyone talk bad/negative on her, pls come face to face wth me…i will give u free “Magnolia Ice-Cream”…

Also diving in the event was Traisy Vivian, but unfortunately for her, she only managed to obtain 285.00 points to be at number 22 from the 26 divers. Pandelela is expected to dive at 5PM Malaysian and the whole nation is expected to be watching.