Sarawak FA revealed their new season kits at a simple dinner ceremony tonight with invites sent out to officials, selected media personnel and all five of the Crocs splinter supporting club.

The new kit retains StarSports as its brand of choice with the home kit retaining the legendary red and black stripes of the Crocs. There was however new additions to the kit with a red V-neck collar making it’s way onto the fresh kit..

For away games, the Crocs are set to don a kit looking very similar to last seasons, with blue stripes decorating it.

Sarawak 2013 football kit. Photo credit to UltraCrocs.
Sarawak 2013 football kit. Photo credit to UltraCrocs.

The alternative third kit also bore a lot of similarities to last season with it showcasing the state’s striking yellow in prominence.

A full fledged new design was however revealed for the goalkeepers with either white or black to be chosen for any game.

According to UltraCrocs, the nameset for all teams in the Malaysia league would be standardized this year.

While fanatic fans of the Crocs are excited with the new set of kits for their beloved team, some have expressed their disappointment over the lack of creativity and change in the kit design which they felt could have been tweaked to look different, while still retaining the prominent stripes.  Others however commented that such move saves money as they need not purchase new jerseys while adding that winning the games was more important.