A huge crowd gathered outside the main grandstand after the Sarawak-Lions XII match, with the crowd chanting unkind words about the referee of the match, and how biased he was.  The huge crowd has disabled anyone including the Sarawak players from leaving the stadium, as buses shuttling officials and players are not able to be moved.

As a safety precaution, security officials have called in the FRU, and requested all teams and officials, including the Sarawak players to stay until the FRU arrives.

2300hrs: As for now, no harm has been reported, but one ambulance was seen leaving the state stadium, probably sending an injured Sarawak player which was tacked hardly in the game.

Dissatisfied fans seen to be merely standing around, taking photos of what is on-going, while hurling bad words to the officials.  The RELA team is there monitoring the situation while awaiting the FRU to arrive.  No physical abuse to the Lions XII team, or officials have been reported. (see photo above obtained from Zaini).

Fans gathered while chanting ‘Referee rasuah’, and sang patriotic songs in the stadium area.  There was obvious no scenes or riots. Check out the video below.

The FRU team arrived and started to take action to chase away the supporters. Despite the continued verbal abuse, no one was harmed as the fans ran out of the stadium grandstand.


The LionsXII fans were seated opposite the main grandstand throughout the game, with police ensuring their safety.  It is almost impossible for them to be entangled in this crowd unless they have decided to move to the main grandstand after the game.  They should be at their hotel anytime now.

Tweets and facebook updates online reveal that some Lions XII fans are hurling bad words about Sarawakians.  We feel this is not helping.

0007 hrs: Confirmed that Lions XII fans arrived safely from the stadium.  Just to shed some light, traffic jam after football games will always delay your journey by a few hours.   The improper parking, and the non-existing police diversion on the main roads are cause to this.   Buses will take time to reach their destination as the road becomes very narrow.

0012 hrs: Confirmed that all Lions XII players and officials are safe.  Some reports online suggest a rowdy crowd through the game, which was really not the case and untrue.  The fans were in a very good mood until the referee decided to give out bad decisions, and the so called ‘riot’ as we understand never happened, but was more towards verbal abuse towards the match officials. Also, firecrackers are a norm in any Malaysian game, although it does then to happen more frequently when the home team looses..

0110 hrs: Further reports revealed that fans did damage a steel gate, but there was little to tell of where the gate was located.  An empty bus was also vandalized, but no one was harmed.  The bus was suspected to be used to ferry the referee of the match, but no confirmation has been reported.

It is indeed a sad day that some press are trying to exaggerate the issue, and try to paint Sarawakians in bad light just to gain popularity.  It is also unfortunate that some sides are calling names despite not knowing the facts, and were not even at the stadium grounds.


We hope our fellow Sarawakians will not respond to such abuses online, or offline by some of the LIONSXII suppoters.  Sarawak played well, and they deserved to win.  It was just not our lucky day, and Lions XII got away with the full three points. As for the standard of refereeing, it could have been much better.

Rest be assured that only a handful of supporters vandalized the gate and the bus said to be ferrying the match referee.  The rest of the 20,000 crowd dispersed with pride that Sarawak came down fighting, and Lions won with some luck.