Cities in Sarawak turned dark as lights were switched off for an hour to show support for Earth Hour, a global effort to create awareness about climate change which is rampaging the world.

Leading the was Kuching which saw major hotels at the city centre, including the infamous Kuching Waterfront being ‘light-less’ for 60 minutes.  Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM) which was organizing their ‘Kuching Youth Day Out’ also marked the special moment by having an Earth Hour moment as they brought in special acoustic performances by Angkatan Pengkarya Indie (API), Jeremy and friends and award winning Sonar Tribal to entertain over 200 people whom celebrated the global effort for mother earth at the Go Down theatre. (Photo above credited to Sonar Tribal)

In Sibu, showed two photo of Wisma Sanyan switching all non-essential lightings at the 8:30 mark for an hour.  The blogger also observed that the Sarawak House also joined in the effort to create awareness.

Both photo of Wisma Sanyan during Earth Hour last night above by blogger