We celebrated our first anniversary with a mini-gathering last Saturday, and it was a happy occasion which attended by approximately 21 bloggers including friends from YouthWorks.Asia coming together to have nothing else but a good time.

Formalities were set aside as everyone snapped away in their  own pose, made new friends and filled their tummies to the max.  There was simple games, introductions, prizes and a whole  lot of laughter.  Of course, the cake cutting ceremony is a must, and we had 3 delicious cakes!  Some lucky bloggers also left with exclusive gift, not to be found in the gift shops, while Angel gave all the management members a  pleasant surprise as she distributed her ‘craft’ to each of them.

At the end of the gathering, it was well believed that everyone had a fantastic time, and this gathering was indeed a mark for greater things for the Sarawak Bloggers. For those in other divisions, don’t worry… there are plans to have something going on in every division in due time. To get more details on our anniversary gathering, click on the links of the bloggers which attended our anniversary below:

  1. cyrildason.com – Cyril
  2. fahriee.com – Fahri
  3. amieyalen.com – Amiey
  4. normgoh.blogspot.com – Norman
  5. nadai.name – Desmond J
  6. yonglim15.blogspot.com – Yong Lim
  7. rryesitis.tumblr.com – Robbie
  8. nrevelem.blogspot.com – Mel
  9. elishares.com – Elisha
  10. angel-cupid.blogspot.com – Angel
  11. byheadhuntress.blogspot.com – Tasya
  12. nocturneofmine.com – Rodz
  13. sh3rri3.blogspot.com – Sherrie
  14. reptoz.com – Willie
  15. cloudedpawn.blogspot.com – Mike
  16. blog.kuchingfest.com – Pierce
  17. bernardhor.com – Bernard (Youth Works Asia rep)
  18. ramblingsofmelody.blogspot.com – Melody (Youth Works Asia rep)
  19. dihaz17-foryou.blogspot.com – Zahidah
  20. miibcorp.blogspot.com – Desmond Sim

Also attending was:

  1. Brian (Youth Works Asia rep)
  2. Nor Azira
  3. Asif