The Kuching Computer Business Association (KCBA) PC Fair is now on-going at CityONe Mall, and we took an unofficial stroll around the smaller scale PC fair to see what was in store, and what was a good buy. Below is our brief observation of what is in the offering.


Based on what we observed, TM occupied 1/5 of the whole fair with their branding basically everywhere, with promoters in orange uniform approaching you to sign up for their Streamyx or UniFi packages. Digi had one booth, which seemed rather uninterested to offer anything to customers that passed by, while Celcom had a very small (one table perhaps) kiosk. Maxis was no where to be seen, but we did spot RedOne and P1 kiosks which made their presence known.

Oppo is widely well branded throughout the fair with the green and white brand almost everywhere you turn. Demo phones as well as real ones were made ready for you to play with, and the sales people selling the brand seem keen to introduce you the China made smartphone. Other brands seen were Huawei, Lenovo, and Asus, but their number is highly limited. Both Sony and Samsung have better presence at the fair with dedicated booths.

We only spotted one booth, but there could be as many as two. We were’t sure what brand was carried, but it looks like Nikon.  Other brands were no where to be seen.

Portable Harddisk came at RM160 for 500GB, and this was not exactly something new. Other peripherals such as wireless mouses, keyboards, gamepads, chargers and so on can also be found at a discounted price. There’s an abundance number of printer booths, and the usual OEM ink booth. HP, Brother and Xerox had dedicated booths. As far as sound system choices available at the booth, you will be left disappointed. There were none, and if there were speaker/sound systems on display, it was shared with other peripherals. Thumbdrives were cheap with them priced from RM11.

The number of laptops were adequate, but sadly poor for a PC Fair. There was a few booths offering laptops and computers(desktop), but nothing too extraordinary, with many showcasing similar models and brands. In fact, Acer, and HP seemed to have dominance. Tablets were close to none-existent, with just a few variety available. We went around twice at 1230PM, and there were no sightings of the Surface Tablet by Microsoft.

Anti-viruses continue to make a presence at this PC Fair, just like in any PC Fair. Other than that, we did not spot any dedicated software vendors booths.

The MCMC (Suruhanjaya Komunikasi & Multimedia Malaysia) had a booth buying your old, damaged phones for RM25 (You will get a voucher to spend at the fair), and there was a aggressive team of salesman from Standard Chartered. We saw not less than two booths offering business solutions such as finger print machines and order systems, while there was one (if we are not mistaken) insurance booth, and another one from the kidney foundation.  For some apparent reason, we also saw a booth offering property at this PC Fair.

The KCBA PC Fair this time isn’t as massive as it used to be, and perhaps the whole reason why it was done in a shopping mall this time around. Except for smartphones devices, it was quite a disappointment that no other new devices such as computer and tablets were seen. Despite that however, the fair remains a great place to find something related to computers at a bargain. Just in case you didn’t know, the KCBA PC Fair 2014 ends tomorrow (6 July 2014).