Sarawak Bloggers Takes Down Main Site, Re-branding Coming


KUCHING – The Sarawak Bloggers have taken down their main site to re-brand and revamp the community. Inside sources says that the administrators of the community has decided to broaden their appeal, and at the same time focus on their 345 strong members in 2012. Sarawak Bloggers has also got hold of with a ‘coming soon’ splash page seen on the site.

It was mentioned also that the main site ( will be more member centric, while news and updates will be moved to the Sarawak Bloggers news portal at Sarawak Bloggers News Tribune (known as SarawakBloggers.NeT). According to Cyril Dason, founder of the community, Sarawak Bloggers has no choice but to expand in such a manner as membership has increased, and many are expecting their news to be publish as well. He also cited that Sarawakians need to know more about their own self and identity by reading news about their team, their people, their culture, their varsities, and hence the need to have an independent news portal in the SarawakBloggers.Net. He further clarifies that the Sarawak Bloggers main domain will soon be known as the SarawakBloggers.Com, which basically reflects Sarawak Bloggers Community.

Sarawak Bloggers is a leading blogging community in Sarawak, and has been featured in the local papers numerous times.  The community is based Kuching, and it is based on unity, friendship and networking.


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