Sarawak Bloggers Reveals SarawakBloggers.Com 3.0


KUCHING – Sarawak Bloggers revealed the latest and revamped SarawakBloggers.Com website today. The site which is said to be more member centric reveals member blog feeds, Sarawak Bloggers twitter updates and their newly launched News Tribune feeds.

According to designer Kee Man, the site is now in Beta as more changes will be made in due time. ┬áCommunity founder Cyril Dason also commented that the domain name fits nicely as ‘.com’ means Sarawak Bloggers Community, while ‘.net’ is short for News Tribune. He added that another project will see SarawakBloggers.Org revealed, in which will see the address showing off how the main coordinators in the community operate.

Among the changes made on the revamped Sarawak Bloggers Community are:

  • Automated member blog feeds on main page
  • Sarawak Bloggers News Tribune & Twitter feeds on main page
  • Easier login to Synapse
  • Easier access to logo codes, related networks and contact us
  • Full use of the new Sarawak Bloggers logo
  • Faster loading than previous site
  • Clean and simple layout
  • Automated preview of member blog feeds upon mouse overs
  • Fast outlook of Synapse Pulse (Discussion zone)
  • Better layout in the Synapse Zone
  • Login problems previously detected has been fixed

Sarawak Bloggers closed their main portal in January this year as they introduced their News Tribune site at www.SarawakBloggers.NeT. The sister site has received positive feedbacks from many including the representatives of the Sarawak Tourism Board.


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