The Sarawak Bloggers Society last night announced on their official Facebook page that they have partnered with local events company Events Horizon Event Management for the coming social media event HashtagLive Kuching (#LiveKCH) 2015.

Details on the partnership have yet to be released in full, but it is understood that Events Horizon will help Sarawak Bloggers execute the planning and objective of the event touted to be the largest social media event of its kind in Borneo.

In the brief Facebook statement, Sarawak Bloggers also said that they are very optimistic that the partnership with Events Horizon will make HashtagLive Kuching impactful and awesome.

HashtagLive Kuching is the first ever crowd-funded event in East Malaysia and it is done to highlight local talents and the positive use of social media. According to its organizers, it needs RM80,000 via crowd funding to hit its event objective. To date, it has already raised half of the value needed with the other half expected to be collected in the coming final 30 days.

Those wanting to be part of the event can make a pledge at