The Sarawak Bloggers News Tribune or popularly known as received a massive customized facelift last night thanks to the designers at ZHNG Design Studio (ZHNGDS).

ZHNGDS isn’t a new name in website design as they specialize in creating wordpress based templates.  Among their clientèle list are Reggae Mansion KL, Wonderful Malaysia and famous blogger Tey Cindy.

According to Sarawak Bloggers coordinator Cyril Dason, the people behind ZHNGDS were amazing in coming up to the customizations requested, as he cited that all the specifications wanted were placed nicely in the new layout for the ease of both readers and news updaters.

He also added that while the outside layout may look ‘usual’, the core of the site is fantastically created as the site can be customized to the maximum even after the designing phase has been completed.

The designer Andrew of ZHNGDS when asked, commented that the new template loads faster than the older one used, and it is also mobile friendly as it will change layout when seen in any mobile devices, particularly smartphones and tablets.

Sarawak Bloggers News Tribune started in January 2012 to bring brief news about Sarawak and the blogging community.  It has since recorded an average of 550,000 hits monthly with most visits coming from Malaysia and the US.