The committee of Sarawak Bloggers has in chorus agreed to participate in the coming 14 August Internet Blackout organized by the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) Malaysia. The ‘Internet Blackout’ is done to show support for the request made to the Malaysian parliament to withdraw the amendments made on Evidence Act on May 31st this year.

Founder and coordinator of Sarawak Bloggers Cyril Dason said “The new amendments in the Evidence Act, particularly Section 114a discourages social interaction over social media, and further can cause innocent people to be harmed for something they didn’t do.” He also added “Sarawak Bloggers is a non-political community, and our aim is to promote unity and good use of social media. Our support for the 14 August Internet Blackout is not a political gesture, but it’s done for freedom of the internet in Malaysia, particularly our bloggers”.

To show support, and further give awareness on the Evidence Act, Sarawak Bloggers will be changing all it’s avatars on all it’s social networks within the next 24 hours, and will further close down it’s news tribune ‘’ and ‘’ on August 14.

The amendments made on the Evidence Act last May allows the authorities to clamp down and detect those sharing something against the law using any means of social media.  It also allows netizens to be charged and be held responsible for any sort of sharing made, be it their own production.  This largely means that if a stranger posted something bad using your account, you can be held responsible despite you not knowing it.The amendments was passed in Parliament by both sides of the political  divide.

Below is a brief info of how the act would effect bloggers and social media users. Please click to enlarge.

Those interested to participate are encouraged to visit