Sarawak Bloggers celebrates their anniversary in the month of March since they started operations publicly two years ago.

The community coordinators in a brief shout out on their official Facebook page said “We turn TWO this March, and it’s all because of all of YOU!“, obviously highlighting the importance played by the masses in making Sarawak Bloggers retain their crown as the most well established online community in Sarawak to date.

Historically, Sarawak Bloggers started as a closed group until it was opened to the public in March 2010, which was subsequently declared as it’s official birthday. The community has grown since then, earning them links and collaborations with numerous organisations including the Sarawak Tourism Board, Myst Cafe, Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak, Borneo Colours, SDI Sarawak, AMP Radio Network and many more.

The community created history in 2010 after it organized the first, and probably the biggest non-political Tweet-Up which was said to be inspired by OctTwtFest in Kuala Lumpur.


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