The Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) was ind enough to allow two selected bloggers under Sarawak Bloggers to attend their media Buka Puasa event at Top Spot Seafood.

The event which was attended by numerous media agencies and ‘friends’ to STB was attended by Khairool and Aliey whom represented Sarawak Bloggers at the event.

Aside from eating, both Aliey and Khairool managed to also catch with STB’s CEO Dato Rashid Khan and Hisyam of STB for a brief photo moment as they also enhanced their networking with other media personnel attending.

Sarawak Bloggers has been engaged by STB since 2009, and the relationship has flourish to benefit both sides over the years with bloggers helping promote Sarawak tourism through their social media and blogs. Among the biggest collaboration between both entities is the coverage of the Borneo Jazz Festival and the Rainforest World Music Festival.

Photo courtesy of Khairool.