Sarawak Bloggers will be collaborating with local paper, New Sarawak Tribune (nST) and Utusan Sarawak (US) to have bloggers view published.

According to founder of Sarawak Bloggers, the opportunity is opened to all Sarawak Bloggers members, in which bloggers will enjoy better publicity of their thought and what they view. He added that nST & US has agreed to minimize the editing on articles published, but every article or feature story will be screened before it is published by both nST & US. This he said is to ensure that the articles are not sensitive and damaging to anyone, or any individual.

The collaboration between Sarawak Bloggers, nST and US has been under discussion for quite sometime, with a selected number of ‘established’ bloggers invited to join in the project. The collaboration will see member bloggers have their articles published in the local daily.

The debut article by Coffee Girl entitled “Watch and listen, you just might miss it” was featured today on page four of Tribune 2 in the nST. It is understood that more articles are set to come out soon under the section ‘Blogger says…’.


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