Sarawak ask for full fledge sports school and aquatic centre in Bau


A local newspaper reported that Welfare, Women and Family Development Minister Fatimah Abdullah has urged the federal government to build a full fledge sports school which is on-par with the one available in Bukit Jalil.  She was said to have said this when commenting on Pandelela Rinongs success at the recent Olympics.

The daily reported that Fatimah said the current sports school in Tabuan Jaya lacked many sporting facilities due to the fact it was a converted school.

Over in Bau, Dr Tiki Lafe whom is Mas Gading MP has proposed that an aquatic centre be built in the former mining town.  He further said that an aquatic centre would help nurture new talents.

He was quoted by a local paper that he hoped that Pandelela would be treated like other star atheletes in the Peninsular whom are given numerous expensive prizes upon their success.

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