Sarawak dominated the game against PBDKT T-Team, but somewhat came out losers in a game they should have won.

Mohd Fazli was the toast for the visiting T-Team when he capitalized on Sarawak’s poor defending in the first half to fire in the winning goal for his team.

The game started promising for the Crocs as they showed off pin point passing with Joel Epalle and Zamri Morshidi showing good understanding up-front.

With Guy Bwele mastering the midfield, Sarawak had a chance to open the scoring gates but Zamri’s effort on goal upon receiving a volley pass from guy was blocked by a T-Team defender for a fruitless corner.

The Crocs mustered more attacks with Zamri this time engineering a cross looking for Khairul Azahar. However, Khairul’s effort was foiled by defenders for yet another fruitless corner kick.

Sarawak had yet another chance to lead when Khairul had the ball within the box. However, his shot was way up the goal bar. Minutes later, captain of the night Sharol Saperi had the ball at his feet, but his long range Steven Gerard like shot was easily caught by Syamsuri Mustafa.

T-Team tried to break Sarawak’s defence, but the Crocs defence led by Shahran Samad only allowed them to reach the mid point of the field hence making most of the action happen in the T-Team half.

Sarawak continued to menace the T-Team’s goal mouth with long range shots from Dzulazlan Ibrahim and Guy. However, both efforts were easily picked up by Syamsuri, as T-Team adopted the offside trap to frustrate both Joel and Zamri.

A counter attack by T-Team gave the home side a huge scare after unmarked Mohd Fazli was allowed to give a free header from a corner. Unfortunately for the Crocs, the right post saved the home side from any goal leaks.

Sarawak responded well to the near scare by launching two dangerous attempts on goal. Guy made a long cross in front of running Khairul whom failed to connect in a header to keep the score still stuck at 0-0. Minutes later Khairul got yet another chance to put the Crocs one up, but his lovely shot on goal was pushed out for a fruitless corner.

T-Team responded to the attacks with a counter attack which saw Mohd Faiz out run the home side defenders before he thundered in a shot to defeat Sarawak custodian Saiful Amar, putting the Crocs down by one goal.

The Crocs didn’t give up, and mounted more attacks on the visiting team with an effort from Zamri and Khairul both saved.

After the breather, both teams struggled to match each other with play mostly in mid-field and T-Team players, let by goalkeeper Syamsuri starting the usual ‘play-acting’ to waste game time, which surprisingly was allowed by the referee.

Sarawak tried to turn things around by putting in Ronald Denis and K Ravindran, but with T-Team already building a brick wall at their half, Sarawak was left to to long range shots until the final whistle.

Final Score: Sarawal 0-1 PBDKT T-Team