After many leaks and news, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here, bringing along it’s bigger version, the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Samsung is pinning a lot of hope that these new smartphones would help many get over their exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which they plan to sell as a refurbished unit.

The SGS8 and SGS8+ as I like to call it, is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, and has Iris scanning and facial recognition features to boost up to already impressive other features such as the 12-megapixel camera, water-resistant body, and wireless charging.

It’s 5.8-inch (or 6.2-inch for the SGS+) ‘infinite screen’ screen looks really amazing, and the 4GB RAM which accompanies the 64GB storage space makes every flick and touch very expressive.

For those interested to own the Galaxy 8 in Malaysia, the tech guys from have mentioned that pre-orders will begin on 11 April 2017, so prepare to whip out something above RM3,000 for the Galaxy S8.


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