The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 info


It’s no secret that Samsung is likely to unveil their latest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in the coming MWC 2017.

Slated at the end of the month, the new tablet would be Samsung’s flagship tablet, spotting specification way better and beyond the current Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, or the Samsung Tab A (2016).

According to several online sources, the Tablet S3 would be 9.6-9.7 inch in size, have a 4FB RAM, with memory space starting at 32GB up to 128GB.

These sources also commented that there would not be much change in the design of the tablet, but expect it to come with a better camera, as well as a finger print scanner.

But those are not the most exciting things about the Samsung Tab S3, and the best one yet is the fact that the Tab S3 will likely support a stylus or touch pen, something that has been missing from it’s premium tablet line.

It is expected that the new tablet would be priced at RM1999 – RM2299.


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