If you can’t afford the Samsung Galaxy S8, or the recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Note8, then make way for the Samsung Galaxy J7+, which is soon to be available in Malaysia for RM1,599K.

Equipped with 13MP f/1.7 and 5MP f/1.9 rear cameras, the rear camera photos of the J7+ can’t be compared with the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Samsung Galaxy Note8, which are flagship models, but the photo quality is anything, but bad.

The Samsung Galaxy J7+ is Samsung’s second dual-camera system smartphone, and it allows you to a variety of impressive shots, including the bokeh shots.

When you look closer at the hardware, there’s reason for the ‘friendlier’ pricetag of the J7+.

The 5.5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED Samsung Galaxy J+ is powered by a MediaTek Helio P20, which usually comes cheaper if compared to their Snapdragon brothers, and 4GB of RAM, with 32GB of expandable storage, isn’t exactly screaming ‘flagship’.


Anyway, if you are thinking of buying or pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy J7+, pre-orders begin from 12 to 17 September, and Samsung Malaysia is including freebies worth RM388 for your pre-order.

Samsung Galaxy J7+
The pre-order promotion for the Samsung Galaxy J7+ //Photo credit: Samsung Mobile Malaysia

The freebies come in one year warranty extension and a 64GB memory card, both worth RM198, and RM190 respectively.

According to Samsung Malaysia, those who pre-order during the five days will get their Samsung Galaxy J7+ on 28 September to 4 October 2017. – phonesentral.com