Residents in Samarahan and Matang Jaya would soon enjoy super broadband speeds and TM Sarawak has confirmed with us that they would be rolling out Unifi in major areas in both places soon.

While no date has been quoted, but it is our understanding that the infrastructure is in place and is only a matter of time for the telecommunication giant to start Unifi services in both areas.

For those of your already jumping in excitement, check out the more specific coverage areas below for both Samarahan and Matang Jaya/Petra Jaya.
UNIFI coverage Kuching

Aside from that, we are also made to understand that this is not the only areas in Kuching to receive Unifi this year as more areas, particularly Stampin, is said to be next in line for Unifi coverage.

As we were told, when the biggest social media fest HashtagLive Kuching (#LiveKCH) happens, several areas in Stampin would most probably already be enjoying Unifi.