Saiful Nang explains Liyana Jasmay’s pre-wedding photo fiasco


GUA: Recognized photographer, who is also the founder of CandidSyndrome International, Saiful Nang has explained in detail about the photos of newly weds Liyana Jasmay and Fathuddin Mazlan.

The photos which spark a controversy due to it being described as some as being ‘overly intimate’ has forced Liyana’s mother to come out making a statement blaming the photographers of CandidSyndrome International for releasing the photos which are said to be for private viewing only.

An obvious annoyed Saiful, replied the statement on his Facebook by saying that there was no such terms when the photos were taken, and said that the family o the popular actress was ‘unreachable’ despite his tireless attempts to contact them in regards to his company’s sponsorship of the pre-wedding photos.

Saiful further re-reiterated that the photos taken by his team remain copyrighted to them unless there is a ROI (Return of Investment), which is normally either given in the form of payment.

Kredit gambar: CandidSyndrome