Everyone knows Xiaomi is trying hard to imitate Apple when it comes to smartphones and computers, but latest ‘so called’ leaked images of the purported Mi Mix 2S show that Xiaomi may be going a bit too far, at least in my books.

I always thought the black out cutout black was one of the iPhone X’s ugliest feature, but perhaps someone in Xiaomi thought it was cool, and decided to also have such cutout on the Mi Mix 2S, a newer version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

Said to be a leaked image of the Mi Mix 2S
Said to be a leaked image of the Mi Mix 2S

I do understand that having the cutout does enable the Mi Mix 2S to move the front camera to the traditional place, which is on the forehead of the smartphone.

Well, perhaps many would not mind the black cutout because taste and looks is subjective to individual, but for me, it definitely doesn’t look good.

Regardless, the images are just rumours, and it could be some random phone made to look exactly like the iPhone X, and called the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S.

UPDATE: It was revealed that the images are fake, made by an app from the play store to mimic the iPhone X.