If you are considering the Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum but aren’t sure if you should buy one?

I’ve used the robot vacuum for a week and here’s my review of the robot vacuum.

Before I go on, just to clarify, the robot vacuum is called ‘ROIDMI Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner with Cleaning Base EVE Plus’ on the box, but that’s a mouthful.

So, I’ve settled for ‘ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum’ or ROIDMI Eve Plus instead in this review.

Assembly and built

The first thing I noticed upon receiving this ROIDMI robot vacuum the nice glossy finish it has. In white, both the main unit (also referred to as robot vacuum here) and dust collector looks at home in my house which has white walls.

Overall, the main unit and the dust collector looks and feels very strong and solid, with not many buttons to press on the unit. I’ll detail this more in how the robot vacuum can be controlled as you read on.

Anyway, the robot vacuum is pretty much already 95% assembled, so it’s literally plug and play to use.

I did find connecting the app to the vacuum a bit tedious if you want to use the Mi Home App, but simply opt for the ROIDMI App and everything works as it should.


The ROIDMI App is technically the command centre of the robot vacuum.

Here you can do numerous settings to configure the ROIDMI EVE Plus main unit and also the dust collector.

There’s a lot of things going on in the app, and I can’t explain everything in this post.

What’s most important to an average user like me is that there’s a button for me to start and stop the robot vacuum.

The ROIDMI EVE Plus intelligently pretty much does the rest automatically.

If there is any issues or things that need to be addressed during operations, notifications will be made via voice announcement, LED screen display, and APP notification.  This rarely happens but like all devices, there’s always some areas human intervention is required.

In case you are curious, the ROIDMI App can be used to set the robot vacuum’s work hours, restrictions, consumable record, and display information of the dust disposal station, dust bag condition, cleaning path, vacuum time, and its battery life, which is a lot of things to explain as I said above.

Despite the many functions, these options aren’t hard to set or see as the app itself is easy to use.


I noticed that the robot scans the house layout while it cleans, creating a rough map of the rooms and areas in the house.

Thanks to the map the robot vacuum created, I can easily map out restricted zones which do not require cleaning, or set which zones or rooms should be cleaned more frequently.

The ability of the vacuum robot to create such a map and also do accurate cleaning must be due to the LDS laser navigation 4.0 it uses for navigation.

Based on what I read, the LDS laser navigation 4.0 works by using precise algorithms which follows the principle of long-side first, and the principle of bow-shaped planning.

I was made to understand that the same algorithm allows the automation of the side brushes rotation speed and vacuum mode auto adjustment.  This means these brushes gain higher speed alongside the walls or at corners, with lower speed otherwise.

For those who aren’t able to operate the vacuum with the ROIDMI app, there’s also three buttons on the main unit which can be used to manually activate certain functions.

The dust collector station operation is also controlled mainly with the ROIDMI App although this is reserved to setting what the station would do upon the return of the main unit.

There’s a Smart LED screen which shows dust disposal countdown, charging progress, sterilization starting notice, dust bag replacement reminder, and produces an error alarm.

This Smart LED screen also acts as a manual button to operate the dust collector station.

Mi home, Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Control are other ways to control the vacuum although I think the ROIDMI app is already good enough.

Cleaning capabilities

The vacuum’s 900W motor generates a 23,000pa strong suction.

The nozzle of the vacuum can adjust itself according to the floor condition as well.

Thanks to its thin and circular shape, it can easily go into tight spaces and edges which are usually a pain to clean using a traditional vacuum.

The (Infra-Red) IR sensors allow the robot vacuum to slow down and avoid obstacles it detects ahead of it. The anti-bumping sensors ensure that the robot doesn’t collide with objects it had already detected.

For mopping, the robot vacuum comes with a smart water tank which can hold up to 250ml.

During the test, the robot vacuum could simulate hand mopping, in which it can move in a U-route.

Once cleaning is done, the main unit will automatically return to the dust collector and start disposing of the dust it had collected.

At the dust disposal station, the robot vacuum will automatically empty itself, vacuuming out all the dust it collected to a larger 3L dust bag.

This bag is equal to 30 dust bins in which ROIDMI claims that it can hold waste for 60 days before it needs to be replaced.

What’s interesting is that the dust collector station comes with an automated sterilization and deodorization system which runs automatically after dust is disposed.

This is done using the Deodorizing Particle Generator which uses HEPA filter and Active Oxygen technology.

Being able to sterilize and deodorize the dust collected means common household parasites like dust mites, microbia, toxic chemicals and unwanted smell can be removed.


Talking about use, the ROIDMI Robot Vacuum EVE Plus comes with a 5,200mAh large battery which can allow it to work for 250 minutes (about 4 hours).

ROIDMI says that this translates into a long runtime that can cover up to 250 square meters.

On standard sweeping suction, the robot vacuum could easily complete cleaning my house with 70% battery power still left after a full charge.

However, if I activated its maximum sweeping suction, the robot vacuum will return to base with 20% power left after cleaning for about 2 hours.

If you have a massive house which is more than what I have, the robot vacuum will return to it’s base once power dwindles to 15%, and continue its unfinished business once it hits 80% of charge.

Charging the main unit takes about 4 hours.

Problems with the ROIDMI Eve Plus

No product is perfect and so is the ROIDMI Eve Plus.

While cleaning my house, the robot vacuum wasn’t able to negotiate surfaces that are raised more than 2cm but could easily overcome surfaces below that.

Another issue came when the robot vacuum came in contact with loose rag or cloths. These cloths are typical to a Malaysian house and they get stuck in the main wheel, causing the robot vacuum to stop with a warning then alerted via voice and app.

The solution to this is that you can also set an area for your carpet, and use the mobile app to control the sweeping robot to avoid the position of the carpet when mopping the floor, or you can just pick up the rag when cleaning is done.

The process to remove the stuck rug isn’t that hard and barely takes a second.

All these problems make the ROIDMI Robot Vacuum EVE Plus imperfect, but they are problems that can be easily dealt with by closing down sections that have high surfaces, and removing loose cloths before the robot vacuum starts working.

Why and where to buy the ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum

Considering the features and its quality, the ROIDMI EVE Plus is considered cheap at RM1,588 with a one year warranty.

Replacement parts like the disposable mop, filter element, middle brush, dust box and dust filter are also easy find and can be bought online.

If you need to check the latest ROIDMI EVE Plus prices or information, the links below will help.

Conclusion of the ROIDMI EVE Plus robot vacuum review

While it may cost quite a bit more than other robot vacuums in the market, the ROIDMI EVE Plus is in fact not a robot vacuum you can compare with them because it has more features, better suction fans and a long lasting battery.

It’s definitely a huge help for those who aren’t able top find time to mop and vacuum their house, but want to keep their household clean.

I am personally impressed by its automation and ease of use, and personally love the fact I can press just a few buttons to keep my house dust free.

That said, I have no problems recommending this ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum if you are eying for robot vacuum.

Last but not least, a huge thank you MC Mart for providing me with a unit of the ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum for this review.



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