RM55mil royalty requested for Jalur Gemilang


The brother of the late designer of the Jalur Gemilang is seeking a whopping RM55 million from the government for ‘royalty payment’ for use of the flag.

Abu Bakar Hamzah, the brother of the late Mohamad Hamzah, who designed the Malaysian flag, is asking for RM1 million a year from the government for royalty dating back from the date the flag was first raised at the Dataran Merdeka on Aug 31, 1957.

A local daily quoted that Mohamad Hamzah had lamented the lack of recognition accorded to him as being the flag’s creator.

According to the daily, Abu Bakar plans to use the money to fulfill his brother’s ambition which was to build 14 mosque in the 14 states represented in the Malaysian flag.

The Malaysian flag now was the winning entry of a flag design competition which attracted some 373 entries.

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