RM29,500 fine: FAM – FAS rift re-surfaces, Sarawak seems set to follow Kelantan


The rift between the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and Football Association Sarawak (FAS) has re-emerged following FAM’s decision to slap FAS with a RM29,500 fine for their inability to control their home crowd.

The fine saw FAS found guilty of four counts including
-not being able to provide adequate security for the match referee at the end of the game
-not being able to stop fans demonstrating and verbally abusing the match officials
-not being able to curb fans from using laser pointers
-inability to provide Lions XII with proper security

An unhappy FAS president Datuk Sudarsono Osman said in an email to BERNAMA that FAS had placed some 300 security personnel during every game, as he questioned what FAM deemed as ‘adequate security’.

He further elaborated that in some away matches, he hardly saw any security personnel but that was not the case in Sarawak where their presence was more than obvious.

The respected president also said that FAS does not condone the use of laser pointers, bottle throwing and verbal abuses.   Nonetheless, he added that it is not possible for FAS to stop such actions like bottle throwing and verbal abuses, while laser pointers can be easily smuggled into the stadium due to it’s tiny size.

Sudarsono also claimed that FAS knew nothing about the FAM’s disciplinary decision while stating that FAS only knew about it from the media.

He also questioned why FAS was not given the opportunity to defend themselves at the disciplinary hearing.

It is observed over social media that FAM’s disciplinary board decision has already got the Sarawak fans in arms, and the addition of Sudarsono’s statement will further aggravate the fragile state of football relation between Sarawak fans and FAM, in which the latter being accused by fans as being biased towards the Borneo state in most of it’s decision making for the past years.

FAM is already in hot soup with the Kelantan supporters, and the latest addition of fiasco involving FAS may just sway the Sarawakians fans to follow in the foot steps of their Kelantanese counterparts whom is now pressuring FAM for a reform.

Sarawak football fans led by long time supporter group UltraCrocs are already following their Kelantanese friends effort in helping their club as they imitate a donation drive which will see UltraCrocs collect money to help FAS pay up the fine imposed by FAM.

If FAM is seen to be victimizing Sarawak yet again, it will not be a surprising to see the Crocs fans taking similar action as Kelantan fans whom have since taken their dissatisfaction by conducting numerous protest.



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