Enough already, just take our money and give us the battery because a battery which can last for 20 years is beyond imagination! To add sugar to the news, the battery will take only two minutes to be 70% charged.

But it’s as real as it gets.

Researchers at the Nanyang Technology University have created a battery which will last up to 10,000 charging cycles. This is so much beyond the average 500 recharge cycles a current battery has at the moment (which is good for about two years of use).

The researchers achieved this by using a new gel material made from titanium dioxide for the anode (negative pole) of the battery rather than the standard graphite in which they transform into minuscule nanotubes.

Due to the thin physical layer, this speeds up the battery’s chemical reactions for faster charging, as well as prolonging the lifespan of the battery.

According to the inventors, the new battery would probably take two years before it hits the market, but we are thinking someone out there might just want to speed up production for the benefit of their products.

The battery is said to be made for electric cars, but if it does find its way to smart gadgets (which we believe it will), it would be simply awesome.

Source: engadget.com