As I said previously, the Android version of Xiaomi, known as the MIUI OS is one of the best available, but then, it will only look ordinary to many if you do not know how to use it.

To help those of you having this problem, here’s my tips and tricks about how I get the most of the MIUI on a daily life.

1) Use the Redmi Note 3 as a TV remote control
Mi DropWhy: Forget about the original TV remote control, and use the the Redmi Note 3 as the remote control for your TV instead
How: Go to the ‘tools’ folder, select Mi Remote, and ‘add remote’. Follow the instructions given to sync your Redmi Note 3 with your TV or other remote controlled devices such as your Mi Box, Cable Box and more.

2) Extending your battery life with Battery Profiles
Switch profileWhy: It’s obvious right? It’s to lengthen the juice of your phone.
How: Go the the Security App, tap on ‘Battery Profiles’. Here you can create your own profile or choose from the ready ones. Each profile allows you to either use more juice or use less of it. If you are adventurous, create your own profile and you can save more battery. To make sure you get the most out of the Battery Profiles, go back to the initial Battery set-up, and activate ‘Schedule profile switch’ by putting the less draining battery profile active when you are always away from home.

3) Auto Switching off your power
SwitchpowerWhy:This allows you to automatically switch off your phone when you do not need it, hence not allowing anyone to disturb you when you are sleeping, or enable better charging (as the phone will be off)
How: Go the the Security App, tap on ‘Battery’, and scan for ‘Schedule power on/off’. Put in when you want the phone to switch on and off, and you are done!

4) Activating your flashlight
Why: Just in case of a sudden blackout and you need light.
How: From the lock screen, press and hold the home button. To switch off the light, click on the power button.

5) Private Messaging
Why: Hide ‘secret messages’ from bosses, spouses, extremely jealous girlfriends?
How: Open the messaging app and continue to swipe the screen downwards till the private message section appears. The private message section is marked by a padlock icon hidden behind your usual text messages. Scrolling down the screen will take quite some effort.

6) Clear your smartphone task faster
Why: This allows your phone to free unused space in your memory by closing unused apps, allowing your phone to move faster.
How: Tap the menu button (utmost left) to bring up the multitasking menu. Click on the ‘X’sign and the memory will be cleared.

7) Block unwanted SMS and calls
BlocklistWhy: Tired of all those telemarketers calling and harassing? This is where you stop them.
How: Go to the security app, select ‘Block List’. Alternatively, you can block a number by simply tapping on the number, choosing ‘more’and selecting ‘Add to blocklist’.

8) Use Mi Drop to transfer files
Mi Drop 2Why: Transfer files to another Mi device with simple taps
How: Tap on what you want to transfer, select Mi Drop, and just transfer your file to the next device!

Well, that’s my list. If you have other tips under your own sleeve which I have not covered, do leave a comment. I’d love to hear about it.


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