When it comes to a smartphone, there is nothing more important than the battery life because without power, a smartphone is practically nothing more than a piece of metal with buttons.

To test the battery life of the Redmi Note 3, I have tasked my wife to use the Redmi Note 3 when she was in Mukah to organize a full three day event.

This means that the Redmi Note 3 will be under intense use as my wife will need to use the phone to coordinate the event she is organizing, hence indirectly testing the Redmi Note 3 for a good whole full working day!

To ensure the power test is more accurate, I had asked my wife to fully charge the phone before she left her home, and use it until her phone battery level reaches 20 percent. I also did not do any power setting or switching for the Redmi Note 3 and allowed it to be used ‘bare’. As I mentioned in my ‘tips and tricks’ of the MIUI before, using the power setting/profiles will allow longer usage.

For the sake of comparison, the Redmi Note 3 cited it has power to last a good 264 hours on a full charge on 3G.

However, this value is inaccurate as the phone will cite a different number according to different use, and so below is the usage of the battery for the Redmi Note 3 for a whole intense day.
Power use

As you can see, the 4000mAh battery of the Redmi Note 3 lasted for over ten hours under intense use which included switching on the GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G/LTE. If you look closely to the image above, it is also very obvious that the phone had its screen switched on for long periods of time (see ‘awake’ and ‘display’), akin using the phone for gaming or watching videos. The missing section in the power usage graph was due to the phone switched off during flight.

While some of you might say ten hours is not really good for a phone, I would beg to differ especially considering how intense the Redmi Note 3 was used.

As a matter of fact, the ten hour figure recorded here does not include the remaining 21 percent which the Redmi Note 3 still retains to power the phone as you can see below. This remaining 21 percent is equal to a good 15 hours of usage time, so that’s really good enough to take you to the next day if you do not intend to sleep and keep using your phone.
redmi note 3 power leftover
If one were to further configure the battery/power profiles, the Redmi Note 3 battery life could be stretched easily to go beyond what was recorded here, perhaps lasting a good day.

So, if you are always on the go, and you think carrying a power bank is quite a hassle, then you might want to consider the Redmi Note 3 because the 4050mAh battery to me is really impressive.



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