If you have read the review on the Redmi Note 3 smartphone here, then the next question probably on your mind would be ‘WHEN WOULD IT BE AVAILABLE?’.

Well, the good news is out that the new Redmi Note 3 will be available in Malaysia this coming April as it was confirmed by Xiaomi Malaysia through a commment reply on their Facebook page.

This means that if you can hold yourself from giving up to the temptation of buying the smartphone off scalpers which are selling them at higher prices online, you can probably get the Redmi Note 3 at cheaper rates through the official Malaysia Mi site soon, as in this coming April.

While we have no word on the official date the phone would be released and sold, we are quite sure that the first Thursday of April would see Xiaomi Malaysia do their very first flash sales of the Redmi Note 3.

Whether our guess is right, well, time will tell.


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