This Redkey F10 review focuses on my personal experience using this unique designed vacuum which I think should be a norm in modern day cordless stick vacuums.

At first glance, the vacuum looks like every normal stick vacuum you can buy out there, until you take it out of the box.

This is where things start to get interesting.

Assembly and built

The first thing I noted when doing this Redkey F10 review was the colour of the vacuum. In black and a hint of turquoise here and there, I thought the vacuum was a looker.

What’s interesting here is the vacuum’s electric brush has big roller built to the back of the roller brush, and there’s also lights attached to the electric brush as well.

These are features you don’t often see in vacuums.

I also favour the fact that the main tube is black and made of aluminium with a special button at its higher end side which allows it to bend.

The main body of the vacuum presents a transparent dust barrel, indicator lamp, speed regulator (which is also rarely fitted on vacuums as far as I know) and an ash dumping button.

Assembling the vacuum is also easy and one can do it without a guide.

Redkey F10 suction power review

Using the vacuum itself was simple because it starts with the press of a button.

It’s 23,000pa suction power prevails when sucking dust and hair on the floor with the floor practically spotless once the vacuum moves over a certain area.

One interesting thing I noticed when I first used the vacuum is how I can control the five levels of suction power of the Redkey F10.  This is unlike most vacuums where the suction power is largely set.

I also noticed that the vacuum sound gets louder when you increase the suction power, so if you intend to vacuum when everyone is sleeping, the lowest setting might be best as noise is reduced significantly.  However, lower suction power also means not everything could get vacuumed, but it’s good enough to vacuum hair.

There’s also an auto mode for the five suction levels, in which the vacuum will intelligently switch suction power based on the waste it detects. Kind of brilliant and not mentioning convenient!

Special features of the Redkey F10

Another interesting and unique feature of this vacuum is the dust refraction lights.

The dust refraction lights which are in front of the roller brush, allows me to seek areas which have not been cleaned.

It works by giving light when the vacuum goes under dark spots, like under the bed or table, lighting up these places so that one will know if it’s been cleaned or not.

The electric brush also has big noticeable rollers fixed to the back of the roller brush.

Thanks to these rollers, using the vacuum on carpets became so much more hassle free and smooth. I also noticed that the roller somewhat protects the carpet and tiles because the vacuum is not dragged on surfaces like conventional vacuums, but rather rolled on it.

And then there’s the folding capabilities which makes the Redkey F10 so special.

While most vacuums have a fixed tube which makes it hard to clean low and tight spots, the Redkey F10 comes with a flexible tube which you can bend up to 90 degrees, allowing one to tackle low tight spots like under the bed and under the table.

This feature makes it convenient to clean these tight spots which are hard to reach using traditional vacuums. It also helps protect your back from constantly bending. ‘Activating’ this feature is easy and it only takes a simple flick at the ‘flex’ button.

Additionally, the head of the electric brush can also move sideways with ease, able to bend up to 45 – 60 degrees. This improves areas it can reach.

Filtration and dust dumping

According to the manual, as well as it’s promotion materials, the Redkey F10 uses a three-stage filtration that blocks large particles and hair.

According to what I was told, this prevents air duct blockage, and hence improving vacuuming performances.

I opened filtration after using the vacuum and this was accurate.  Blockage is a huge issue when vacuuming because it causes the air suction to decrease, and it gets annoying when you need to constantly clear up the block while vacuuming. I’ve experienced this first hand with another vacuum I use.

With the Redkey F10, the vacuum was able to retain its 23,000pa suction power throughout vacuuming, which was just pleasing.

The 0.6L dust cup is also easy to empty. With a push of a button, the lower caver allows all the waste collected to drop instantly into the rubbish bin or plastic.


I think one of my favourite things about this Redkey F10 vacuum is how the battery is replaceable and detachable.

Most vacuums have their batteries built in, but the F10’s battery is detachable and this makes it not only easy to charge, but also easy to replace.

I checked, and an original replacement battery is only RM299, way cheaper than buying a new vacuum.

In case you are wondering, a single charge of the battery allows the vacuum to be used for an hour, which can clean about 2,000 square feet.


Maintaining the Redkey F10 involves wiping and washing the filters it has.

While the filters will not get blocked easily, having a full dust cup will cause vacuuming to be less perfect and hence there will be a need to empty it, and clean the filters.

The outlet filters can be washed with water if needed as well.

Problems with Redkey F10

To be honest, I really can’t find any issues with this Redkey F10 especially when I compare it to other cordless stick vacuums.

However, if I had to nit-pick, I would say that its inability to perfectly clean 90 degrees edges is a problem.  This however is  a problem every vacuum has.

To solve this problem, I could use another nozzle which is meant for cleaning corners.

However, if cleaning corners was automatically able to be done with the main electric brush, it would be even more awesome.

Where to buy the Redkey F10

The Redkey F10 is officially sold in Malaysia by Redkey.

It retails at RM779, which makes it pretty competitive compared to other vacuum brands. Alternatively, you can buy them from Redkey’s official site as well.

But if that’s too expensive for you, Redkey is selling the vacuum for RM100 less this March 2022, so that means its only RM679 in this particular month.

Links to buy the F10 is below.

Redkey F10 review conclusion

That said, if you are looking for a cordless stick vacuum that is able to tackle tight areas particularly in height, and one that will also take care of your back while you work, this Redkey F10 would feel right.

It is also perfect if you intend to save on power consumption and own such a vacuum for quite a while.

The vacuum however isn’t good for you if you don’t like vacuuming, in which I’d suggest you get the Roidmi Eve Plus robot vacuum instead.


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