Local football blog ‘Shoot sampei bisak tiang gol ya!‘ reported that Sarawak striker K Ravindran is out for at least a month due to a back injury he suffered from the ugly knock with Lions XII goalkeeper Hyrolnizam Ismail.

According to the author of the blog Hafizul, Ravindran was the player sent by the ambulance after the Sarawak-LionsXII game last Saturday.

Hafizul further revealed that Ravindran is suffering from a cracked back bone, and has been advised to rest.  He was visiting Ravindran at a local private hospital in Kuching.

In an interesting game between Sarawak and Lions XII last Saturday, Ravindran was stretched out despite only being recently introduced to the game. An ambulance was seen leaving the Sarawak State Stadium minutes after the game putting, making some speculate that a Lions XII player was injured due to the chaos which was on-going.

The speculation prompted some media to describe the situation as ‘horrific’, and that Sarawak supporters are indeed aiming for officials and players of Lions XII.

This latest news however proves that Ravindran was the player in the ambulance, and the Lions XII players were safe despite most outside sites stating that the situation was ‘scary’.

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