Radio Free Sarawak announcer Peter John to remain in Sarawak


The Borneo Post has reported that former Radio Free Sarawak announcer Peter John Jaban has decided to remain in Sarawak.

According to the newspaper, he emailed his statement to several selected media to clarify on his disappearance and his current status.

The local daily quoted Peter as saying that he will continue his struggle from Sarawak, and that he will take time to relax and rethink his next course of action.

Peter also said that he had no problems with the authorities except for his latest flight departing Kota Kinabalu in which he was photographed and questioned. The report by the Borneo Post also said that Peter admitted that he was treated with respect and that he was politely handled by the police. He was also quoted as saying his ‘disappearance’ was because he was informed that he was pursued by the police.