Proton Edar Sdn Bhd will not reduce the price of the Proton Preve just to compete with the Honda Jazz model, says Chief Executive Officer Hisham Othman.

He said Proton Edar is confident the model’s retail price offered customers value-for-money.

“Proton Preve offers good value, given the fact that it is fitted with a 1.6 capacity turbo engine. If a car uses a turbo engine, that is equivalent to a car with a 2,000 cc engine,” he told Bernama in a telephone interview today.

Hisham said Proton Preve had an edge over other branded and expensive car models.

“If you notice, the Proton Preve has its own attributes like the electronic stability control which is not available in other models.

“This sort of component is only available in luxurious cars like the BMW and Mercedes but what’s surprising here is that the Preve, a national car, comes equipped with this safety feature placing it at par with other international makes,” he added.

Hisham also said there were several luxurious models in the market that did not have this safety feature but people still preferred them over others because they were brand conscious.

“The Preve offers value-for-money to the buyer, it is very safe and performed better than the Jazz as it has the Lotus right handling which was designed by Lotus in London,” he added.

Honda recently introduced a new completely-knocked-down Honda Jazz Petrol model with an on-the-road price, including insurance, of RM74,800 while the Proton Preve retailed for about RM73,000.