Priscilla anak John Pillai (Photo below) was announced as the Traditional Idol in Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak’s “Post-Gawai: Showcase in the City” event which happened at the New Wing of the Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching last night. Speaking in full Iban language, she then dazzled the judges with a captivating traditional Iban dance, hence defeating other contenders for the Togung and Triyu Idol crown.

Earlier Ferdinand won the “Pekit Nyumpit” (Blowpipe) competition.

Aside from the idol and blowpipe competition, the crowd was also entertained by unique traditional cultural performances from Sekolah Seni Kuching, and performances from local Dayak artist Fiona John and Gabriel Francis.

A special fusion of tribal and modern music was also performed by local Sonar Tribal.

The event is part of AZAM’s bigger programme for youth development known as Young Souls and The City which is aimed to provide an avenue for urban youths to come together and be involved and engaged with various stake-holders in the socio-economic development of the city.

The winner’s list for last night is as follows:

Pekit Nyumpit:
1 – Ferdinand
2 – Jacy
3 – Jerry

Traditional Idol 2012 / Togung & Triyu Idol
1 – Priscilla anak John Pillai
2 – Dylinda Andrew
3 – Lecinta Tracy Willie Mering

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