SELANGOR – The President Cup team of Sarawak held Selangor 1-1 at the first match of the competition.  The team which is completely filled with young local Sarawakians held their composure well through the game and only attacked when needed.

This enabled Selangor to master the game, hence creating numerous chances on goal.  Regardless of that, Sarawak held strong as Selangor players were mostly off target.

Sarawak on the other hand had a handful of chances, but each chance proved dangerous enough as out of the four they made, one hit the back of the net in the 44th minute.  Sarawak’s other 3 chances were also considered close chances with the defence of Selangor making huge efforts to clear the ball.

The coach for the young Crocs is none other than legendary Samsurin Abdul rahman whom donned the Crocs colours in the 90s.