McAfee, a leading AntiVirus provider, has announced the extension of its partnership with Samsung to provide pre-installed security software protection on consumer devices including Samsung PCs, Galaxy S8 Smartphones and Smart TVs worldwide.

With the rise of Internet of Things and the proliferation of mobile devices, cybercriminals now have an even wider variety of channels to carry out malicious cyberattacks against individuals.

A recent survey by McAfee highlights that only 42% of consumers take proper security measures to protect their new gadgets, and even if they acknowledge the importance of securing their devices, 47% of them are unsure whether they are taking the proper security steps to do so.

Nonetheless, the survey also revealed that nearly 44% of consumers are worried about their personal financial information being stolen and 38% are worried about identity theft hence making privacy and protection grow as key concerns.

That said, with McAfee and Samsung now partnering each other to enhance security, the customer would stand to benefit most in terms of better security with McAfee and Samsung now provide McAfee LiveSafe on Samsung PCs, McAfee VirusScan on Galaxy S8 Smartphones and McAfee Security for Smart TVs.

Below is how McAffee LiveSafe is available for Samsung owners:

Availability of McAfee LiveSafe on Samsung PCs
The McAfee LiveSafe cross-device security product is currently shipping worldwide as pre-installed software on all Samsung PCs produced, starting in 2017. Samsung PC users can enjoy 60-day free trial and after the trial period, will receive a special offer.

Availability of McAfee Security for Samsung TVs
McAfee Security for TV anti-malware technology is currently available in the U.S and Korea for Samsung Smart TV customers and additional countries will be added throughout the first half of 2017. No additional purchase is necessary.

Availability of McAfee VirusScan on Galaxy S8
McAfee VirusScan anti-malware technology will ship as a pre-installed solution for Samsung Galaxy S8 starting in April of 2017, and is available in Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge and Galaxy Note 5**. No additional purchase is necessary.


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