Bad news for online shoppers in Sabah and Sarawak as Pos Malaysia, Malaysia’s biggest courier and also national mail service, has decided to halt any postage of lithium batteries from West Malaysia to the two Borneo states and vice versa.

According to an announcement obtained from Pos Malaysia which was carried out by Amanz, the batteries pose danger when flown in a plane, and IATA rules state that it is dangerous to airmail such batteries.

That said, Pos Malaysia is also looking at imposing similar restrictions to telephones which carry similar batteries as they begin stopping all packages containing lithium batteries from being sent effective 1st November.

Of course there are other companies which would be able to help send your lithium batteries over, but their pricing is much higher if compared to what Pos Malaysia offers.

Pos Malaysia’s decision could also effect power bank and smartphone prices in both states as the decrease number of options for consumers to obtain lithium based devices would mean less competition to those selling such products on the ground.

For what’s it worth however, Pos Malaysia has long disallowed mobile phones or expensive gadget to be shipped via their services unless it is heavily insured. The rule however didn’t apply to power banks, so this announcement most probably would hit power bank purchasers the hardest.